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Seeking financial advice is a very personal experience. We take great care in getting to know your unique circumstances and understanding your needs, your values and your dreams for the future. 

phwealth are financial planners and investment advisers.

We listen carefully to truly understand. We need to be sure on what you want to achieve. We then combine our wealth of experience with our evidence-based investment approach to set you on the right path and to keep you there, for a lifetime.

Initial consultations, called ‘get acquainted’ meetings, are where we learn about you and your needs and explain our process, our philosophy and our values. If we think we can help you we will say so at this time. If not, we will refer you to another adviser.

These initial consultations are at our cost but if we decide to work together then we charge realistic fees for our advice. We believe that our initial advice is where we add significant value. Developing our advice with you is the secret to a long, happy and rewarding relationship for both of us.