chief wellbeing officer


Dylan isn’t your average office pup; he’s the heart and soul of our Christchurch financial planning team. 

With a keen eye for attention and a knack for finding the best sunny spots for napping, Dylan brings a unique charm to our team. His title isn’t just for show.

As Chief Wellbeing Officer, Dylan ensures that every client meeting is filled with smiles and tail wags. His expertise lies in building connections and fostering a warm, inviting atmosphere in our office.  When he's not networking (sniffing) around the office, Dylan enjoys sampling the occasional treat, and reminding us to take breaks for some much-needed playtime and work-life balance.  He inspires us to chase our goals with unbridled enthusiasm.

Next time you visit our office, don’t be surprised if Dylan greets you with a friendly woof and a pawshake!

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