Passionate about shaping your future

Why Us

We see a world where people are confident that their future is secure.

We help you enjoy your lifestyle with confidence knowing that your future is secure, your independence is preserved and you are able to do all the things you planned once you stop working. All the things that you believe are important in life are reflected in the advice and guidance we provide you.

We do this by putting your interests first, listening carefully to understand your real needs and being consistently available.

Our values

  • We put our clients’ needs and interests first
  • We listen in order to truly understand
  • We are governed by the spirit of genuine care
  • We believe that honesty and trust are mutual
  • We strive to be reliable and consistently available
  • We seek to learn and to improve continuously

Lifelong cash flow modelling

Our ‘secret weapon’ is our lifelong cash flow model personalised to make the most of your life, putting you in the driving seat at all times. You can find out how much you can spend early on and still be secure at the end of a long and fruitful life; when exactly you become financially independent so that work becomes voluntary; how much money you can afford to give away to family or charities and still remain secure; and so on. The lifelong cash flow model also tells us how much risk you need to take in order to maintain your lifestyle and achieve all your goals over your lifetime.

Non-aligned Discretionary Investment Management Service

We are owned by our staff and the partners of Polson Higgs Business Advisors and we have no links to any institution that creates their own investments or sells their own products. In this way we are free of the pressure that a financial relationship puts on our decision-making. We can hire and fire our underlying fund managers, custodians or research providers without penalty. We charge our clients' fees for advice and the only way we get paid for our discretionary investment management service is directly from our clients. The only exception to this principle is with our KiwiSaver recommendations and some life insurance placements where we get a payment for introductions and/or service.


Polson Higgs Wealth Management have layers of governance, qualifications/certification, and support that we hope further reassures clients and prospective clients that we are a safe pair of hands and that we can provide a valuable experience.

Polson Higgs Wealth Management and its three advisers are governed and certified to a high standard, for further information and explanations click here.

The technical stuff

Our investment philosophy is evidence-based and low risk. The evidence is that financial markets are relatively efficient and that the return to aim for in an investment portfolio is the market return. Trying to try beat the market only adds risk without additional expected return. Given that the market return is there for the taking at minimal cost this is the return and the risk we believe is worth taking.

Some investors want to get involved in researching, buying and selling shares, if this is the case then we encourage you to seek independent advice.  We believe you should only use play money for this sort of thing, where you select a particular country, or sector like healthcare, or specific company to invest in. Play money is money you can afford to lose. Safe haven money is the money we deal with and this is the wealth that you can’t afford to lose. Safe haven money should be diversified worldwide for both security and opportunity.

We employ factor investing in our portfolios and this is a derivation of market risk.  Academics have identified sub-markets of securities that have different risk/return factors and where it is practical to invest in these sub-sectors we do. Examples of the factors we employ in our portfolios are:

  • Value or cheap companies out-perform expensive or growth companies as a group over time
  • Small companies out-perform large companies as a group over time
  • Profitable companies out-perform less profitable companies as a group over time

We are also very aware of the money that can be made or lost when entering or leaving a market. We look to identify fund managers that, although they are well-diversified, do not follow an index giving them trading flexibility. Patient trading is a critical success factor of our investment approach. A desperate seller or buyer either loses or pays a premium.

Our Team

Our friendly wealth management team is based in Dunedin and Christchurch, with four specialist advisers and two support staff.  Our advisers have Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) designations, as well as Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA) accreditations from the Financials Markets Authority New Zealand.