phwealth privacy policy.

15 September 2020

1. We need to obtain information from our clients to evaluate a request for advice.

2. Information provided by our clients or any of their authorised agents will be used by us
(Polson Higgs Wealth Management Limited, myself, my staff and any other advisers
within my firm) for the purpose of providing advice to our clients including but not limited
to investment advice.

3. Any information our clients provide to us will be treated as personal information. We will
take reasonable steps to ensure that all personal information is kept confidential and

4. The Privacy Act 1993 gives our clients the right to request access to, and correction of,
their personal information. We will provide this on request.

5.We seek our clients’ authority to provide their information to other parties and personal
information from other parties including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The financial market regulator, or any other law enforcement agency where disclosure
    may be required by law.
  • External compliance providers, where regular compliance audits are required.
  • Any service provider involved in implementing any recommendations or variations
    thereof and/or supplying products to us.
  • Any other external party as authorised by you including your other professional

6. Clients’ personal information will be held at our normal business offices. If we use cloud
computing, it is possible that some electronic files may be held on servers hosted
overseas. In that event, we confirm the necessary privacy protections are in place.

7. We ask clients to confirm their provision of this Privacy Act authority by the giving of their