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Farming: Strong wool is making waves in printed carpet

07 Feb 2019

This is the most incredible looking carpet I have ever seen, and it is 100% New Zealand Perendale wool, made in Denmark.


Otago Daily Times

Sally Rae writes yesterday in the Otago Daily Times about the printed carpet produced by ege in Denmark after a collaboration with PGG Wrightson Wool in New Zealand. It has been printed from a photograph of Christchurch before the earthquakes. Quite a nostalgic image, although I become quite disorientated trying to identify the buildings.

The photo shows Palle Peterson (left) and Grant Edwards (right) of PGG Wrightson. The wool is sourced, scoured and blended by PGG Wrightson here in New Zealand from perendale sheep as it has the degree of whiteness required and takes dye well.

Wow! What a great story this is showcasing the best that can be done with strong (coarse) New Zealand wools. We know that the fine wools from Merino sheep are famously used in the finest cloth to be made into fashion garments and suits, but it has been a hard road to hoe for strong wools that make up the bulk of the New Zealand clip.

ege had previously used a combination of New Zealand and British wool but was now 100% New Zealand for this type of product, according to the ODT article.

In her article, Sally goes on to add that balanced against the good news of the ege printed carpet development, there has been a falling away of demand from China for strong wools due to rising tensions caused by the US trade war, according to Grant Edwards. Prices as a result were back to the low levels of 12-months ago.

Two steps forward; one step backwards.

There must be a bright future for such a great, natural product. The New Zealand strong wool story is not over yet.

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