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Lifestyle: So, you think you are ready to retire?

07 Feb 2018

It is important to plan for the emotional aspects of retirement as well as the financial ones, says Barry LaValley, a Canadian self-help retirement Guru who recently visited our shores.

Barry suggests that some retirees suffer from stress after retirement, especially over health, relationships and having something purposeful to do with their lives.

A prolonged life of leisure in retirement will not be as satisfying as we imagined, he says.

Retirees are pretty clear what they are retiring from but not what they are retiring to, says Barry.

“Retirement is not a 30-year long weekend, it is not a perpetual holiday, it is not a destination. Retirement is just life.”

Rather than a destination, see retirement as the start of a new life, one that requires a new way of thinking. Develop some new skills to round out the social side of life as this becomes more important once the daily grind of work has been sent packing.

Barry did an interview with Seven Sharp on changing our perceptions of what retirement looks like. Click here for interview with Barry LaValley.

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