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05 Dec 2017

My clients tell me that health is their number one priority in life. Especially as they get older.

“After a life of farming, working hard all day, and then moving into town, I can’t afford to sit in front of the TV all day eating fatty chops,” was how one of my retired clients put it. Mutton flaps were a popular meal on the farm, but not in retirement.

It is my client’s most important issue and I am the same. I am a 66-year old male with a range of health issues, more than my fair share, so my wife tells me, so I am vitally interested in health too. From the health of my wife, my 9-year old daughter, my 3 grown up sons and my 100-year old father.

Where does one start on a good health quest?

Two things occur to me: prevention must surely be better than cure, and secondly, if something goes wrong, early detection is helpful.

Phil Gifford has written a book well worth reading about men and how to take full control of their health, called Looking After Your Nuts and Bolts: Kiwi Men’s Health Guide.

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Phil has skin in the game having been successfully treated for both prostate cancer and bowel cancer. He lost his brother at age 54 to bowel cancer that was detected late.

Phil believes that men die on average four years less than women because in part there is not the same wide range of health information available to men and he aims to help correct that with his book.

One of Phil’s discussions was with a surgeon who suggested that bowel cancer had a 99% survival rate if detected early but only a 25% survival rate if left late.

Perhaps men leave the little niggles too long whereas women might act sooner on emerging health problems. If this is the case, then it might take a change of mind-set to improve men’s chances of living a long and healthy life.

Phil Gifford has written over 20 books on sport and this one is light-hearted, positive and user-friendly.

We have four copies of Looking After Your Nuts and Bolts to give away to the first four subscribers to email back a request for their copy, with one provision, they must tell us when they (or their man) last went to the doctor for a check-up and allow us to publish the results (without identifying anyone, of course)*.

Keep asking great questions …

Donald Rhodes


* Staff of Polson Higgs or Polson Higgs Wealth Management excluded from book offer.


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