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Lifestyle: At this time of the year it is Nigella, Nigella, Nigella

18 Dec 2018

I have two of Nigella Lawson’s Ultimate Christmas Puddings on the bench at home waiting for their final steam. Choosing the best time to eat them is a major issue. I’ve decided that immediately after a huge Christmas dinner is not the best time. Maybe Christmas Eve, or Boxing Day this year, sitting on my sister-in-law’s Lyttelton deck watching the activities down on the harbour and the Christmas lights across the valley.

Another three hours of steaming, then out onto a platter, a twig of holly, a quick flame-over with some heated vodka, a good dollop of Nigella’s cognac butter and watch the faces as the warm goo does its trick.

For my Christmas suggestion try the Audiobook, How to Eat, by Nigella Lawson, here. First published 20 years ago this book set the standard of what I look for in a cook book. More than just the recipes, I am interested in the stories that go with recipes, the geography and history lessons that branch out from those stories. And the personal anecdotes that Nigella is famous for.

We are taking a break from News and will be back in print the week beginning 21 January 2019.

Have a wonderful festive season.

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