Video conversation with Peter Barrett of Linnburn Station.

I spoke with Peter last night on Zoom after his ground-breaking program aired on Country Calendar last Sunday. 

We covered some of the things the program missed about his journey into what is today called regenerative farming.

When I started questioning traditional high-cost farming methods back in 2014 it wasn't called Regenerative Agriculture but that is what it was,"" described Peter from his home on Linnburn Station, 30 minutes south of Ranfurly in the Maniototo.

Today Peter tells me that the cost of producing his diverse pastures is around one third of the cost of conventional pastures with it's heavy load of synthetic fertilizers, testing and spraying and it produces a more natural and reliable outcome. Healthy microbes, healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals, health people.

I would recommend watching the program that featured Peter and Linnburn Station on demand before watching our video as it will give you a reference point. See TV One, Country Calendar, Stories 2020, Episode 7, The Regeneration Game. You will have to log on to TV One first.

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Peter has produced lots of educational material on his website at Take a look there. He is very open to helping farmers get started. ""You only need 4 or 5 ha to get started,"" says Peter.

Also check out what he and his business partner, Jono Frew, are doing at Symbiosis Ag Ltd which can be found at .

See our video conversation here that we had last night on a range of regenerative farming subjects that complement the TV One program.

Thank you, Peter, for your time and openness.

Keep asking great questions ...