US visitors 'blown away by NZ farming & red meat'.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand, in partnership with Firstlight Foods, Atkins Ranch and Silver Fern Farms, brought six US food and lifestyle influencers to this country in December 2019 to visit farms, get close to livestock and meet passionate red meat producers. 

"Our US guests were blown away by the experience, with all of them commenting it was the best press trip they'd ever been on."

Some of their comments on their experience while they were here:

"An idyllic version of farming."

"The whole country seems to have not just sustainability, but a very natural/ organic mindset that really carried through to the product."

"I was surprised at how much open land the animals had to roam and also the process of rotational grazing."

"The level of respect and compassion that farmers had towards their animals."

See the full article about the visitors from the US on the Beef+LambNZ website here

My thought is that to get the penetration New Zealand needs in its red meat markets we probably need many more of these arranged visits to New Zealand farms. Not one or two but hundreds or thousands. Same for wool and dairy.

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