The biomass of earth, in C.

Putting humans into perspective when it comes to life on earth is a favourite game of mine. We think we are so important, yet on the carbon scale, we are insignificant.

Look for where we sit compared to the micro-organisms that make up the soil biome, and the human gut biome. These, together with plants, are the real powerhouses driving the planet. If we are worried about the health of the planet we must ponder the role of these other aspects of life on Earth.

In these graphics we use the mass of carbon, C, as the measure for biomass as it is the primary component of life on earth. [With thanks to Visual Capitalist, 20 August 2021. Rounded to one significant figure.]

Now, look at the breakdown of the small amount of biomass we labelled Animals in the pie chart above and look to see where humans sit.

By way of example:

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