Science has come charging to the rescue of regenerative agriculture in NZ.

Hot off the press is a paper focusing on “research pathways to build science-based evidence and national narratives on regenerative agriculture in New Zealand.”

It is produced by NEXT Foundation, Landcare Research and National Science Challenges.

At 59 pages this is serious stuff. Not for the faint-hearted and I am sure there will be many summaries and selected commentaries to follow the publication of this paper.

I recognise several of the 70 or so authors: Professor Frank Griffin and Nicole Masters, as well as some of the 100 or so research participants: Anna Campbell and Blake Holgate.

To whet your appetite for the full report, I quote from page 5 of the Introduction:

“In NZ there is a groundswell of farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture. Many see regenerative agriculture as a solution for some of NZ’s most acute environmental and societal challenges, such as the declining health of our waterways, the widespread loss of topsoil, the increasing threats from more frequent and severe droughts, and the pervasive wellbeing crisis of rural farming communities. Regenerative agriculture may also offer opportunities to secure overseas premiums and niche markets.”

This is a gem.  Read the full report here.

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