Quarterly investment update Autumn 2022.

In our Autumn Update, we review the first quarter of the year from January to March 2022. The past few months have been an unprecedented time. Our update reflects on the events gone by, and how that effects our portfolios.

Over the last two years, the world has been united in its fight against a common enemy, Covid-19. Unfortunately, a new threat has emerged in the first quarter of 2022, with Russia invading Ukraine in February. The world’s post-Covid recovery went off track as supply chain disruptions intensified, commodity prices spiked and global inflation pressures intensified.

In the accompanying update, we reflect on some of the factors that influenced markets and investment returns over the recent quarter. Whilst market returns were adversely affected by the Russian invasion, history still provides plenty of evidence that the best strategy we can employ as investors is to stay calm.

In our featured article, we take a closer look at escalating inflation, why it is nicknamed the ‘silent thief’ and why most diversified investors are already well prepared for it.

It continues to be an extraordinary time in the world, but what we do know is that careful diversification and a sound long term investment strategy have always passed with flying colours.

As the year unfolds, we look forward to continuing to update you with the progress of investment markets and related investment insights.

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