Quarterly investment update Autumn 2021.

In our Autumn update, the investment market review reflects on some of the factors that influenced markets and investment returns over the last quarter.

What is particularly notable has been the ongoing strength of the global share market recovery since the Covid-related low point on 23 March 2020.

In the feature article, we look at average valuations in residential property markets, both here and overseas, and how expensive, on a relative basis, residential property in New Zealand has become. We think these relative price levels help provide some context behind the government’s recently announced changes to the tax regime facing residential property investors.

The last 12 months has been an extraordinary time. As always, we can’t know exactly what the future holds. But we do know, that when put to the sternest of tests, careful diversification and a sound long term investment strategy have passed with flying colours.

Read our commentary and feature article here.