Mapped: the greenest countries in the world.

Developed by Yale University this graphical study measures 32 environmental performance indicators across 40 nations.

From climate change mitigation to air quality, from biodiversity to water quality, this study, presented in a graphical format, reveals the most environmentally friendly economies.

Where does New Zealand stand, I hear you ask? Number 19 in the world, behind Australia at 13, the UK at 4 but ahead of the USA at number 24!

Interesting facts: Singapore leads the world in fishery health and sustainability. Canada leads the world in biodiversity habitat. Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, and Singapore get perfect scores in wastewater treatment. China leads the world in the adoption of electric vehicle technology.

Source: Visual Capitalist.

Have a look at the graphic study in its original form.

Where did New Zealand do well and where did it do poorly?

We had a perfect score, number 1 in the world, for Marine Protected Areas, but we came in 106th place for Sustainable Nitrogen Management.

You can look at New Zealand’s details here.

We have quite a way to go in areas of Heavy Metals (37th) and Forests (108th).

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