Life After Farming. A study of retired farming couples in Otago/Southland

Retired farmers are our most important cluster of clients and for some time we have been interested in learning more about their lives. 

Not the legal, money or accounting stuff. We wanted to find out what retired farmers were doing in retirement, and how their new lives were panning out after farming.

In our study we began by asking retired farmers to reflect on their life-time of farming and to describe how they got into farming in the first place. What were the family dynamics at the time?

We asked them to describe aspects of their farming lives, taking them all the way through to the shift off the farm and how their lives have developed since farming. What went well; what could have gone better?

A life after farming? Will it ever be as good as life on the farm? How did our retired farmers prepare themselves for the remaining 30 years of their lives?

Hear the stories that our farmers told us. Listen to their trials and their triumphs.

And help improve the transition to life after farming for farmers everywhere.

The full study is available as a PDF - click here to download