How stressed am I?

Think you are stressed? Start by finding out how stressed you are and then have a look at what you can do about it.

No one test can give you a complete diagnosis of your stress levels, but these questions might be helpful in giving you an overview of where you stand at the moment. Be scrupulously honest with your answers and tick the 'Yes' box even if it only partly refers to you.

[Adapted from the International Stress Management Association UK Checklist - 2013]

Totals - Add the 'Yes' column up. For every 'Yes' score yourself a 1

Score = 6 or less. You are least likely to suffer from stress-related illness.

Score = 7 to 17. You would benefit from stress management advice to help you identify areas for change. You are more likely to experience stress-related ill health.

Score = 18 or more. You demonstrate a number of traits that could be health risks. You are more likely to experience stress-related illness. It could be very important to get professional help. Talk to your doctor.

Tips to help you improve your score

  1. Share your response with someone you trust who is likely to support you in making changes
  2. Start with the easiest trait that is most likely to be successful for you and see if you can reduce, change or modify this trait
  3. Only expect small changes to start with. It takes daily practice over many weeks to make a change that lasts for the long term
  4. Support from friends or partner will make the process easier and more enjoyable
  5. Professional help is always a good option and your General Practitioner is a good place to start

Next week we will look at some helpful relaxation pointers as genuine relaxation is a key part of stress management.

Keep asking great questions ...