Federated Farmers Q&A website available for all.

The Q&A section of Federated Farmers website has a good summary of many of the issues facing farmers under the Level 4 Lockdown.

Federated Farmers have made this section of their website available to all.  You will find a number of well presented PDFs on topics concerning all farmers today. There are materials on:

  • Covid-19 issues still to get clarification - including Gypsy Day and migrant workers
  • 'Essential Work', a flow chart definition
  • Getting support with your feed planning, an explanation sheet
  • Free mobile app for supporting remote ways of working during Level 4 lockdown
  • Frequently Asked Questions on the Level 4 lockdown

New Business Loans now under-written by government

If your business has turnover between $250,000 and $80 million you can apply to your bank for a loan of up to $500,000. Terms up to three years.

A normal lending process will be followed by the banks.

The banks will take 20% of the risk and the government will take the other 80% of the risk.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is providing commercial banks with a funding line "at low interest rates" to match.

The loans are designed to help businesses with cashflow and operating expenses and operates alongside the wage subsidy scheme trying to keep both parts of the business operation afloat.

Further details can be found on your bank's website.

Keep asking great questions ...