Charlie is dead.

Along with Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger was a driving force behind one of the most successful investment firms of all time. Their firm, Berkshire Hathaway, is today worth close to US$1 trillion.

Charlie was pithy with his comments. One of my favourites was  –

“The big money is not in the buying and the selling, but in the waiting.”

He was blunt with his comments, but right on the money. How about this –

“The first rule of compounding: never interrupt it unnecessarily.”

And Charlie was very clear about the value of money in one’s life –

“My family gave me a good education and set a marvellous example of how people should behave, and in the end that was more valuable than money. Being surrounded by the right values from the beginning is an immense treasure.”

Charlie was all about having fulfilling relationships with family and friends, and just like his investments, he wanted his relationships to last forever.

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